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An Alternative to Tackle Football


Memorial 7 is sponsoring the premiere seven-on-seven, non-contact football league in the Memorial-West Houston community for boys in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.

This fall program gives young players a fun, exciting and competitive opportunity to engage in non-contact action, while learning teamwork and interpersonal skills that will help them on and off the field. Players will also learn technical skills like passing, catching and pass defense.

Are you interested in organizing, coaching or sponsoring a team? Do you have questions? Please contact us at

Team Formation

Our mission for team formation is to allow kids to play with their friends, create a competitive environment, and to try to have practices convenient. Therefore, we will select teams as follows;

  • Coaches will be allowed to assemble their own team.
  • Coaches will be allowed to select up to 8 players on their team.
  • Players should indicate on their registration if a coach has asked them to play. If not, coaches can provide this detail directly to the league.
  • Players do not have to be selected by a coach to play in the league.
  • The remainder of the roster (either 10 to 11 total players) will be selected by the league. So, players not aligned with a coach will be placed on a team in their area either by school or geography.
  • Example: (Coach XX selects 6 players. The league will select 4-5 for him. These players will either be from his “players’” school or close to that school.)
  • Depending on the volume of players and teams, we plan on dividing each age group into an American and National Conference before mid-season. This way, every team will be competing at a similar level of competition.


  • Our mission is to have faith based, knowledgeable, volunteer coaches.
  • The league would like every team to have a Coach Parent or volunteer coach.
  • The league does not want to pay for professional coaches to coach in the league. Last year, the league had to pay for 7 coaches and it is an expense that we cannot afford.
  • Coach Parents can, at their own cost, pay for a professional coach. Coaches are not allowed to make this a mandatory cost for their players.
  • In an effort to assist coaches in the league, Memorial 7 will pay for a coaches’ clinic, in season 7 on 7 consultants, video sessions, offensive and defensive play books, or other assistance that a volunteer coach asks for.
  • If we do not have enough Coach Parents or volunteer coaches, the league will turn away participants.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the Commissioner at

Memorial 7 is a nonprofit company that aims to create a competitive, faith-based environment for youth sports.